About Us

The Story

At 5 years old, the only thing I wanted for my birthday was a toolbox full of hammers, nails, and wood. From that point on I fell in love creating with my hands. Entering my freshman year of high school, I decided to enroll in shop class. I loved learning how to use power tools and all sorts of different machines.

What started as just a hobby eventually turned into my way of making money as a high school student. Heading into my junior year of high school, I began woodworking with a mentor of mine who taught me the basics of making furniture. I took what I learned, put it to use, and made my first product, a dog kennel.

After posting the finished piece, people started wanting one of their own. Before I knew it, I was getting more orders than I would have ever imagined. At that point, I turned my hobby into my job and started Village Woodworks. Fast forward two and a half years and I have made countless pieces of furniture and high end cutting boards.