Spotify Plaque


Modern Music Art!


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Looking for some new, trendy, meaningful, and beautiful wall decor??  Meet our Spotify Plaque, the modern day collectors’ item for anything music. Remind yourself of memories created while listening to that special song every time you look at your custom Spotify Plaque. For the newlyweds, the song you danced to on your wedding night. For the college kid, the song that introduced you to your best friends. For the young adults, the song that never fails to make you sing along. For everyone, the song that reminds you of the best times of your life.

These plaques are 100% customizable to your desire. Choose your song, time on track, and even add your own custom photo.

Please leave the song, artist, and time of track (if desirable) in the purchase notes! Once the order is placed you will receive a confirmation regarding the song and exact details. Thank You!


Dimensions: 14″x 10″

Shipping – $5.99